Colleen S.

“I joined Arwen Sach Kiret Kaur’s Yoga for the New Year. Arwen radiated her passion by telling her story and created a safe space to explore kundalini yoga. This practice focused on the heart. She encouraged us to tune inward by closing our eyes after explaining the purpose of each posture and its relationship to our heart. There were two kriyas that were exceptionally challenging yet liberating for me. The first of the two kriyas, made me focus on my right shoulder. The dense sensation brought up an image of being a slave. Rage corsed through my body as I felt pushed down into submission. Each pose Arwen encouraged a pranayamic breathing technique, which in my emotional state was extremely helpful, because all I wanted to do was sit up and run. Later we returned to a variation of the kriya that surfaced so much rage. I was reluctant, but with my forehead on the mat I acknowledged my rage at feeling controled. And deeper, helpless. After acknowledging the sensation of powerlessness my emotions fluctuated from anger, to sadness, to active compassion. Arwen emphasized compassion throughout the entire class via song, chant or a serendipitous quote. She also gifted a mineral or crystal to each student. I received aventurine. It was validating to read its healing properties after my experience in her class. Incredible! Thank you Arwen Sach Kiret Kaur for living from your heart and sharing your passion in our community.”