Where can I find kriyas/meditations? So many places! 3HO, the Library of Teachings, Mantrapedia (if you want a meditation using a specific mantra.) Guru Rattana’s Yogic Technology online store and KRI’s The Source are great places to find manuals and books on Kundalini Yoga.

I can’t make it to a live class right now, are there classes online I can do?  Oh yes there are! You can find some kriyas and meditations on YouTube (it’s best to stick with ones sponsored by 3HO, KRI, Spirit Voyage or a well known KY teacher in my experience) and RA MA TV and the Life Force Academy are both incredible online academies that you can check out.

I have another question that wasn’t covered here… Feel free to drop me an email at akaevenstar.rising@gmail.com! Also, check out the resources below, you may find what you’re looking for at one of these places.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® Online Resources

Global Sadhanas – Daily practices sponsored by Spirit Voyage (and occasionally 3HO) that are practiced by people around the globe for a set period of time (typically 40 days.) Joining in on one of these is a powerful experience! Spirit Voyage archives all of their global sadhanas here.

MusicSpirit Voyage is the place to go for mantra and meditative music, and their Mantrapedia is an amazing resource, with translations, meanings, and often meditations using certain mantras listed out for mantras from all traditions.

General Information – The 3HO Foundation is an amazing resource for all things Kundalini…. from numerology and astrology to meditations and kriyas. I highly recommend checking out their blog. Also not to be missed is the Kundalini Research Institute… not only do they organize all the Teacher Training programs, but they are developing some incredible resources, including the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.