Moving into the year of mastery’s second month!

I don’t know about you, but in my life this past 4 weeks has been full of travel, work, and some deep lessons. Moral of January 2018: self-care for me can take different forms (attending Kundalini yoga classes, sound healing experiences, hiking, relaxing at home, playing the piano/bowls/gong/harmonium, sitting for a quiet moment with some of my crystal allies, singing along to my favorite musicians on long drives) but the most important thing is to DO THE THING. The thing that will light me up. The thing that is easy to shove off to a later part of the day. The thing that reliably brings me back to my center. That may change from day to day, but connecting with my inner wisdom in the early morning always sheds light on what it is that my soul needs.

In this time and space, when it can feel like the external world is overflowing with stress and pressures, remember that it is pressure that transforms a chunk of coal into a brilliant diamond. Many of these pressures may be far outside the realm of things we can impact, but we have a superpower: we always have the option of deciding how we respond to everything that comes into our lives. Stressors can enliven us and push us out of our comfort zone far enough that we exceed our own expectations and shine more brightly than last night’s super blue blood moon, or they can deflate and exhaust us.

A tool that I am using to support myself in this journey is Spirit Voyage’s latest 40 day global sadhana. Today was the first of 40 days and the meditation just lit me up! Check it out here. Enjoy the beauty of this meditation and be kind to yourself as we shift into February.

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